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: Durham-Duplex

Durham Duplex (South East Asia) Limited

Durham-Duplex (South East Asia) Limited serves the following industry sectors:

Food processing Fruit and vegetable slicers
Skinner blades
Bowl Choppers
Mincing blades and plates
Peelers and cashew knives
Cheese knives

Packaging Slitting knives
Flow wrap Zig zag knives, straight knives and anvils
Vertical Form Fill (VFF) toothed form knives
Tray knives
Sweet wrapping blades
Vacuum pack punches and knives
Overwrapping and vacuum seal knives

Film and foil converting Endurium Slotted Slitting blades
Endurium 3 hole slitting blades
PVD TiN and Ceramic slitting blades
Circular slitting knives
Crush cutters
Dished Knives and anvils

Plastics and Recycling Granulators
Rubber crumb
Tyre Shredding blades
Waste shredders

Hand knives Safety hand knives
Fixed hand knives ad scrapers
Hand knives with replaceable blades

Industrial Knives Utility blades
Snap off knives

: Durham-Duplex