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Durham Duplex (South East Asia) Limited

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Fibre Processing & Paper Converting

The Durham Duplex range of precision Fibre Processing & Paper Converting , ground razor and dish slitters, bottom knives, crush cutters, pelletisers, granulators, core cutters, flying knives and serrated cut-off knives, all made to the most (exacting) standards to enable our customers to obtain the best possible results. Knives are manufactured from the finest quality carbon, stainless and high wear steels as well as, where applications demand, the latest in anti-friction, long life coatings and exotic materials.

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Crush / Slit / Converting and Core Cutting Circulars
Fibre Processing / Chopping Blades
Pelletiser, Shredder and Granulator Knives
Web Cut-Off Knife
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: Durham-Duplex