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Durham Duplex (South East Asia) Limited

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Polythene & Paper Bag

The Durham Duplex range of polythene, paper, bag and sack production knives combines the highest product quality with very competitive prices. Knives are manufactured from the finest quality carbon, stainless and high wear steels as well as, where applications demand, the latest in anti-friction, long life coatings and exotic materials.

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Air Punch and Handle Knives for Poly Bags
Circular Slitters
Core/Crash and Perforated Circular Knives
Film Slitting and Flying Knife Blades
Paper Bag Knives
Perforated or Cut-off Poly Bag Bag Knives
Perforated or Cut-off Sectional Bag Knives
Serrated Sack Knives
Serrated Sack Knives
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: Durham-Duplex